Crossing the Atlantic, 2024 style

This is our first repositioning cruise, and actually our first big cruise ship trip in a while. We did a short 3 day Caribbean cruise about 10 years ago, and I remember the boat being nice, but nothing super memorable. This Celebrity Silhouette boat is pretty swanky – but again we don’t have much to compare it to, so grain of salt. That said, we are pretty pleased. It’s not too gigantic because we have seen some of those bigger ships, like a Royal Caribbean one we saw in port that holds 8000 guests and 3000 crew. This boat is actually sold out with about 2900 passengers and about 1000 crew members.

We were surprised that our low end inner cabin is as big as it is…we have stayed in rooms that you had to crawl across the bed to get on the other side. This is pleasantly spacious. Cindy and I actually did yoga this morning in there. For me the most amazing part is the 15 story atrium where the elevators operate and its open bottom to ceiling – a few pics here. There is one upper deck pool that is enclosed, which will likely prove useful once we get further north. Tomorrow, Bermuda.

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