Who / What/ Why

My Statement

Who – I’m Jonathan, and I’m a photo addict. I got my first camera when I was 9, and it’s been in my blood ever since. I spent time studying my skills in high school, and then in the Art Department at Stanford where I did a degree in Communications. A stint in Hollywood working on camera crews for film & TV, then 8 years of high tech / multimedia work during the Web 1.0 era. After the dot.com crash, I then had my own photography business where I concentrated on children, babies and families (with other things on the side as well). These days, it’s all about travel and art shooting for me, and trying to enjoy life on the road and capturing the adventures in a creative way.

What – Photos. Video Clips. Drone Work. These are my current passions.

Why– Good question…and one I hear from my wife a lot. I have been working on my balance of capturing my travels and adventures and just experiencing the moment. For me, part of my experience is being able to capture moments, so it is a balancing act. I think I’m getting better…